Inspecting For Quality

JES Foods custom processing gives food industry players of all sizes the flexibility and quality assurance to deliver traditional, organic, Kosher, or USDA certified products to customers.

Expand your food processing capabilities.
Boost production efficiency.
Improve food preparation accuracy.
Scale up a product from test to production.


JES Foods is dedicated to delivering the highest quality amenable products that are USDA-inspected and comply with the Code of Federal Regulations.


More consumers today are concerned about food quality and the source of the fruits and vegetables they eat.



JES Foods understands that foods with cultural requirements require special attention.


HACCP Adherence

Our quality commitment is rooted in our adherence to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards. We use safe food handling procedures and continually update and improve our systems based on third party audit reviews, with FDA and USDA guidance.

*Our in-house laboratory ensures that all products meet quality and food safety requirements. In addition, we use certified laboratory verification when special testing is required.