A flexible approach to fruit and vegetable processing that drives efficiency and savings

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JES Foods is your fresh stop for processed fruits and vegetables because we adhere to strict standards, provide special certifications and offer production flexibility.

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JES Foods is your processing partner; we get to know your business so we can cater to your needs. We're progressive, and pragmatic. We offer the latest processing technologies, but keep an eye on your budget. Our state-of-the-art facilities meet stringent quality standards, and we can provide kosher processing and certified organic products.

Expanding your capabilities

Ramp up production by enlisting in JES Foods to process fruits and vegetables for your recipes. We can slice, dice, puree and roast ingredients and deliver them expeditiously to meet your production needs.

Meeting the highest standards

We define quality by meeting strict industry standards for food safety management. Our specially trained staff understands the stringent guidelines for meeting Global Foods Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.

Your Kosher & Organic Solution

JES Foods can certify that fresh fruits and vegetables were produced following kosher guidelines. Additionally, we are certified by the Global Organic Alliance and can help companies launch an organic line by serving as the certified producer for processed fruits and vegetables.

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